Featherbrite 20W Bulb

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Every day is a "Sunny" day and every night is a "Moonlit night" with Full Spectrum lighting!

FeatherBrite lights are designed with your pet bird’s health and safety in mind.

FeatherBrite 20w, compact, spiral fluorescent bulb is 5500k, 91 CRI, UVA 5%, UVB .04%. It's the perfect output for all birds. The bulb provides health enhancing full spectrum light and Vitamin D synthesis required for caged birds. This bulb will provide "full-spectrum" benefits up to 36" from your pet bird and it needs no "burn-in" time. We recommend replacing this bulb annually because the benefits of full spectrum (the uv's) dissipate over time.

The fluorescent bulb has a standard screw-in base and can be used in any lamp that has a standard socket. Do not use this bulb in any type of dimmer switch. It is not dimmable.