King's Cages - 306 European Style Matte Stainless Steel Cage

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European Style Napoleon Top Model 306SS in Matte Finish

38″ wide 26″ deep
6 ft tall, inside height 59″

Door: 19.5″ x 41″
1″ bar spacing 6 mm bar thick

Kings Cages is the only cage company that offers 6MM solid stainless bars to ensure your birds safety.
Fold down front platform with New Patented Lock  to lock the Drawbridge
Slide-out Stainless Steel grill and tray for easy cleaning
Non-Toxic and safe for your feathered friend
Removable seed catcher (add 4″ all around)
Horizontal bars on sides, Vertical bars on front and back
4 20oz stainless steel spill-proof cups (20 oz. Cups)
Large cage door opening for easy access
Patented bird proof lock on front door
Patented Napoleon Fancy Top
Breeder box door
2 Sand Perches (Color may vary) – 12″ Long x 1.25″ Diam.
• Java wood 2 1/2- 3 1/2″ thick hardwood perches OPTIONAL, available at additional cost.
Sturdy construction, Easy Assembly
Bird cage knocks down for compact storage
4 Chrome Casters
Bird cage weighs 205 lbs
All of our cages are Non-Toxic and Safe for your feathered friends!

Cage is packed in 2 boxes


This cage is recommended for Medium and Large sized birds such as African Grey, Eclectus, Caique, Severe Macaw, Pionus, Timneh African Grey, Amazon, Alexandrine, Amazon, Caique, Small Cockatoo, Medium Cockatoo.

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