King's Cages - 33" x 25" Aluminum Arch Top Cage

Parrot Trends Canada

SKU: KC ACA3325Red



NO more chipping paint, NO more rust.

33" Width
25" Deep
49" Inside Height from bottom grill to inside top of cage
67" Total Height From Floor To Top of Arch
Bottom Tray - 31 5/8" x 24" x 1.5"
Top Tray - 31 11/16" x 24 5/8"
Grill - 31.5" x 24"
3/4" Bar spacing
5 MM bars
87 LBS. Shipping weight in box
Out of box approximate weight 77 LBS.
Easy to move in and out of house, easy to handle
Seedcatcher: 3.5" inches width, 3.5" inches depth 

Inside Tray to floor: 15 1/2" inches
Corner of seedcatcher to floor: 22" inches
Bottom shelf to Floor: 6" inches

On all cages bars are  Satin Silver, you have a choice of your designer color for the outside main frames!

Key Features:
Patented front door lock (ID: Lock 7)
Large swing out front door
Slide out grill & tray
4 Swing out feeder doors with 4 stainless steel 10oz. cups
Easy assembly No nuts, No bolts
4 Rolling Casters
2 inside perches with brackets 
Arch Top
Nest Door Opening (can be removed to add a nest box to side panel)
This Aluminum cages will outlast any powder coated cage on the market.
Okay for outside use.

Great play top cage for a Hahn's Macaw, Caique, Timneh African Grey, Small Cockatoo, Small Amazon or similar sized birds.

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