King's Cages - 33" x 25" Aluminum Play Top Cage

Parrot Trends Canada

SKU: KC ACP3325Red

ACP 3325 

No more chipping paint, NO more rust!

33 1/4" Width
24 7/8" Deep
32" Inside Height from Grill to Inside Top of Cage
59 1/2" Height to top of perch
75" to Top of Toy Hook (highest point on cage)
52 1/2" High to top of frame, which is the base of the playpen that
sits atop the cage. Without this frame, the height of the actual cage
is 50 3/4".
Bottom Tray - 31 5/8" x 24" x 1.5"
Top Tray - 31 11/16" x 24 5/8"
Grill - 31.5" x 24"
3/4" Bar spacing
5 MM bar
85 LBS.

4 Metal wheels

Seedcatcher: 3.5" inches width, 3.5" inches depth 
Inside Tray to floor: 15 1/2" inches
Corner of seedcatcher to floor: 22" inches
Bottom shelf to Floor: 6" inches

On all cages bars are Satin Silver, you have a choice of your designer color for the outside main frames.

Key Features:
Patented front door lock (ID: Lock 7)
Large swing out front door
Nest Door Opening (can be removed to add a nest box to side panel)
Slide out grill & tray on bottom as well as slide out tray on playpen top
4 Swing out feeder doors with 4 stainless steel 10oz Food and Water Cups
Easy assembly No nuts, No bolts
Rolling Casters
3 inside perches with brackets 
playpen top with 2 cups, toy hook, & perch
This Aluminum cages will outlast any powder coated cage on the market.


Great play top cage for a Hahn's Macaw, Caique, Timneh African Grey, Small Cockatoo, Small Amazon or simalar sized birds.

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