Loro Parque Australian Parrot Mix - 1 KG

Parrot Trends Canada

SKU: VL 12811950

Enriched seed mixture with extruded VAM-pellets

  • Enriched seed mixture: vitamins, amino acids & minerals = optimal condition
  • High quality seeds for the natural food of Australian parrots (cockatoos)
  • Composed in consultation with the scientific team of Loro Parque (Tenerife)

Ingredients: Safflower, buckwheat, paddy rice, yellow millet, wheat, barley, white millet, oats, peeled oats, canary seed, dari, milo, peeled peanuts, pine nuts, striped sunflower seeds, popcorn, puffed wheat, rosehip, maxi V.A.M. pellets, oystershells

1 KG Bag