Medium 85"x61" Walk In Aviary - 1/2" Bar Spacing

Parrot Trends Canada

SKU: WIA 8561-01

Medium 85"x61" Walk In Aviary - 1/2" Bar Spacing

Technical Details • Exterior Dimensions: 85"x61"x79" • Interior Height: 79" • Bar Spacing: 1/2"

Product Features • Key locks on door • 1 swing out feeder door station • 3 stainless steel bowls • Non-toxic, durable and safe powder coated finish

Not recommended for outdoor use

This cage is recommended for: Cockatiels, Budgies, Ringnecks and Asiatic parakeets, Finches, Caiques, Conures, Lories, Lovebirds, Parrotlets, Pairs of small birds, flocks of small birds, pionus.

Weight: 276 Lbs

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