King's Cages ATM 2029 Aluminum Travel Cage

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Revolutionary ALUMINUM Travel Cage! NO more chipping, NO more rust, Easy to disinfect! Great for Vet visits! This cages is Non-Toxic and safe. Cages bars are Satin Silver, you have a choice of your designer color for the outside main frames.

20" Wide
28 7/8" Length
20 1/4" Height
5 MM Bar
5/8" Bar spacing
29 lbs.
Slide out grill & tray with swivel triangle safety lock
2 swing out feeder doors with stainless steel cups and stainless steel locks
1 perch

Completely KNOCKDOWN, easy assembly, no nuts, no bolts.

These cages will outlast any powder coated cages on the market. Travel cage is great for short stays!

*Due to the weight of this item additional shipping charges may apply.


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