King's Cages ATT1214 Aluminum Travel Cage

Parrot Trends Canada

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Revolutionary ALUMINUM Travel Cage!

NO more chipping, NO more rust, Easy to disinfect! Great for Vet visits!

This cage can be used for Birds, Rodents and Reptiles.

All of our cages are Non-Toxic and safe for your loving pets.

All cages bars are Satin Silver, you have a choice of your designer color for the outside main frames.


NEW! Slide out tray for easy cleaning

NEW! Triangle stopper to keep the tray from falling out

NEW! Longer legs to raise the cage off the ground

Patented front door lock with hidden magnets to ensure the door does not rattle during transit

Large swing out door.

Completely KNOCKDOWN, easy assembly, no nuts, no bolts

Carrying handle

Lightweight 10 lbs

2 wooden perches, 1 inside and 1 on the outside handle

Measurements: Approx. Height: 17" Width: 12 " Depth: 14 "

4.5 mm thick bars 5/8 " bar spacing

Available in 4 designer colors

These cages will outlast any powder coated cages on the market.