Roudybush Lory Nectar - 2 LB

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Roudybush Lory Nectar has been fed to a variety of Lories as a maintenance diet. It can be fed dry as it comes from the bag or as a nectar mixed with about one part dry nectar to about 3 parts water. The amount of water used can vary depending on the amount of nectar eaten and the amount of water in other foods in the Lories diet. Wet food should be changes and the feeding vessel cleaned at least twice a day. During warm weather the food should be changed every four hours. Dry food can remain in the feeder for days providing it does not become contaminated with faeces, dirt or refuse and providing it does not become wet. Wet or contaminated food should be discarded and replaced with fresh dry food. Clean fresh water should be available to Lories at all times.

Roudybush Lory Nectar can be fed in conjunction with a variety of other foods. Some of the foods that can be added to the diet are fruits, vegetables, treats or Roudybush Maintenance Pellets. When enough of Roudybush Maintenance Pellets are fed, droppings usually become more solid, eliminating the spraying of droppings that occurs in Lories fed Nectar exclusively. Do not need to supplement with vitamins or minerals.