Celltei Birdie GoGo - Medium - Silver Dust

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The Celltei Birdie GoGo is the most innovative light-weight carriers for travel with pet birds in comfort and safety. For leisure walking, as a mobile home for short stay in friend's house or hotels, Pak-o-Birds make it all possible.  They can be carried as a front pouch, backpack, or shoulder bag for one or more birds. Let's include your feathery friends in the next trip!

The medium size Celltei® Birdie GoGo is made to fit many medium size parrots including but not limit to birds listed below.  It opens all the way and lays flat when not use. 

  • Congo African Grey Parrots
  • Amazon Parrots - Blue Fronted (Turquoise Fronted), Double Yellow headed, Lilac Crowned, Orange-winged (Suriname), Yellow Headed, Yellow Napped, Panama (Yellow Crowned or Yellow Fronted), Yellow Shouldered (Yellow Winged), White Fronted (Spectacled or White Browed, Red Lored (Red Fronted), Mexican REd-Headed (Green-Cheeked or Red-Crowned), Cuban (Red Throated)
  • Medium Conures or Parakeets - Golden (Queen of Bavaria) Conures, Red Masked (Red Headed), Blue Crowned (Sharp Tailed), Mitred Conures
  • Cockatoos - Galah (Rose Breasted), Citron Crested (Lesser Sulphus Crested or Orange Crested), Ducorp's (Solomons Corella), Goffin's (Tanimbar Corella)
  • Eclectus - Red-sided, Solomon Island, Grand Eclectus, Vosmaer's
  • Red Lories
  • Mini Macaws - Yellow-Collared, Illiger's (Blue Winged)
  • Common or Indian Mynahs
  • Modena Pigeons
  • Parakeets - Crimson Rosella, Eastern Rosella, Prince of Wales (Princess or Alexandra's), Ringnecks,Moustached (Red-Brested)
  • Medium Toucans - Green Aracaris, Curl-crested Aracaris

Dimensions: 12" L x 10.5" W x 14.5" H

Detachable Parts include:

  • 1 x plastic floor panel 
  • 1 pair of padded front/backpack straps 
  • 1 x dragonwood perch 
  • 2 x stainless steel cups about 5 oz each

Perch Positions: 4.75", 6" and 7.25"above floor

Weight: 2 lbs 12 oz

Fabric: Cordura®

Lining: Grey color nylon

Mesh Type: Stainless Steel

Color: Silver Dust