32" x 21" Victorian Top Flight Cage

Parrot Trends Canada


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Product Description

- This flight cage is made of wrought iron, and it comes with sturdy non-toxic powder coating which is guaranteed safe for the bird, and easy to clean.

- 4 stainless steel feeders with swing-out feeding door for easy feeding without disturbing the bird.

- The solid plate behind the feeders to stop the mess when the bird eats.

- 1 wood dowel perch included

- Twisting type of lock an extra metal pin on the entrance door for security guard.

-  Slide-out plastic tray and 1 metal wire grate for easy cleaning.

- Comes with stand and bottom shelf for storage purpose.

- 4 plastic easy-gliding casters for easy moving.

- This cage is suitable for small birds like finch, canary, budgie, lovebird, cockatiel, parakeet, parrotlet, conure, etc. 

Product Dimensions

- Over Dimensions (including stand): 32"L X 21"W X 60"H

- Cage Dimensions (interior): 32"L X 21"W X 34"H

- Bar Spacing: 11 mm (<1/2")

- Bar Thickness: 2 mm