Cage Clean - 32 oz Ready to use spray

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Morning Bird Products- CAGE CLEAN is a non-toxic, bird and pet safe, enzyme-based cleaning formula. CAGE CLEAN is great for removing even the toughest caked and dried droppings and stains.

Easy to use, will remove dried droppings regardless of the bird's diet.
Can be used on metal, plastic, concrete, painted surfaces, and most fabric. Test a small area before use.
Features a mild, pleasant, minty fragrance.
Also an excellent choice for cleaning up dog and cat messes on carpets and floors.

SHAKE bottle well before use
ROTATE square spray nozzle stream or spray position.
SPRAY product on soiled area.
WAIT up to one minute for dried material to soften.
WIPE away the soil with a paper towel, no need to rinse. 

Distilled Water
Active Enzymes
Bird Safe Fragrance

NOTE: Keep container closed before and after use. Store in a dry, cool place. Safe to use with all pets including: birds, dogs, cats, rodents, and reptiles. This product is free of pesticides.

32 oz Ready to Use Spray