Cozy Hideout With Print - Large

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Large Cozy Hideout with Jungle Bird Print

Measurements: 10″ L x 6.5″ W x 7″ H (inside height)    Total 17″ long when hung
For Conures, Alexandrines, Caiques and Small Amazons

Great for your bird to hide in.
Birds love to hide especially in the evening.
Gives your bird a cozy, snugglie secure place to relax!!
Acrylic is Inserted Into the Base of the Hideout for Stability and Safety of Your Pet. This protects the hideout From collapsing. This is not made with cardboard like others on the market!!
We use chain to secure to your cage, not plastic or elastic, which your bird can chew through.
Please note bird owners have a responsibility to check their birds rope toys and cut back or discard parts that become frayed and present a hazard to the bird.

Machine Washable.

Colors Vary.