Fold-away Shower & Window Perch - Large

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HARI - ACTIVE PLAY is a new line of sturdy and durable uPVC shower & window perches and perch toys that were designed to be fun and functional. These perches encourage companion parrots to move, vocalize, balance, manipulate their feet, be social – and have lots of fun too!

For the Health and Well Being of Your Bird

Water is essential to a bird’s health and well-being. Regular showers help keep feathers and skin in top condition while offering a stimulating enrichment activity. Water play can also sooth a bird’s itchy skin when molting. The perch can also be installed on a window to provide exposure to natural sunlight vital to the physical and emotional health of a companion bird and to keep the bird actively engaged and entertained.

  • Folds-Away flat for easy storage
  • With toy hook for added fun and enrichment
  • Permanent non-slip grooming surface keeps birds safe and nails trimmed
  • Replaceable, heavy-duty thumb screw suction cups