Vision Compact Cage Lamp Adjustable Aluminum Light Fixture

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Lightweight and functional make the Vision Compact Cage Lamp an ideal add-on to your Vision cage. The polished inner fixture increases light, heat and UVB output significantly and its heat-resistant ceramic socket accommodates R45, JDR or Type A bulbs up to 40W max. The lamp is quick to install and fully adjustable. With a capacity to swivel <350 degrees, you can direct the heat and/or light sources to the preferred basking area in the cage and allow easy placement of cage cover at night without having to remove the lamp. The height-adjustable wire safety arm with bend helps keep the cord away from cage. The arm can be moved up or down and locked in place in order to adjust the distance between the bulb and your bird(s) in order to regulate the temperature/light intensity of the cage. The lamp can be easily turned on and off with the On/Off switch, mounted on the extra-long power cord.

Stylish design, safety and ease of use were emphasized during the creation of this state-of-the-art-fixture. Simply connect the two couplings to the adjustable wire safety arm, click the bracket in place on the bars of the Vision cage and your Vision Cage Lamp is ready-for-use. The small size of this Vision Cage Lamp is specifically designed for use on Vision cages. The easy Click-clip bracket fits Vision cages with 12.3mm (0.48”) and 20.5mm (0.81”) wire spacing.

Simulate natural day & night light cycles with the full range of Vision bulbs and the use of a timer. 

Ideal for use with: Vision Daytime Basking (25W) #83840, Daylight LED (5W) #83835, Infrared Basking (25W) #83830 lights.

Lamp size: 4""/10 cm diameter.

Key Features :

  • Lightweight lamp designed for use with Vision cages
  • Safe non-toxic brushed satin finish
  • Heat-resistant ceramic inner socket
  • Quick to install and fully adjustable
  • Polished inner fixture increases light, heat and UVB output
  • Height-adjustable wire safety arm with bend helps keep cord away from cage
  • On/Off switch and 6 ft (180 cm) power cord for greater accessibility
  • Attachment couplings for simple assembly and convenient storage
  • Easy Click-clip bracket fits Vision cages with 12.3mm (0.48”) and 20.5mm (0.81”) wire spacing

Petcare fixture for use with caged birds only!

Caution: Always double-check to ensure that any cables and cords are not within reach of your pet birds.

Be sure to always provide your birds with a shady area and time away from source of heat and light. Always monitor your bird for signs of overexposure or overheating. To prevent health/behavior issues from insufficient sleep, a minimum of 10-12 hours of dark uninterrupted sleep is required.