Bird Street Bistro - Southern Feast - 12 oz

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No matter where your feathered friend hails from, they’ll love this south of the border mix. The all-natural, organic dried mix cooks in just 3 minutes and is packed with whole-food ingredients that are proven to be healthy food for parrots. Like all Bird Street Bistro flavors, the whole-grain base is full of nutrients, fiber, and amino acids. If you’re wondering what to feed your parrot, Southern Feast parrot food, an all-in-one blend, is the perfect answer. Dried peppers, carrots. and almonds add a delicious crunch that encourages active foraging. You can smell the Southern Feast spices while it cooks, and your bird will always be excited for meal time. Smell the vitamin-rich parsley, basil, cumin, kelp and cayenne!

  • 100% Natural, whole-food mix
  • Includes mineral-rich dried kelp
  • Ready to eat in less than 5 minutes


        Organic couscous, organic bulgur wheat, organic hulled millet, organic rolled oats, non-GMO dried carrots, non-GMO dried peppers, organic quinoa, non-GMO almond pieces, parsley, organic cayenne pepper, basil leaves, ground cumin, dried kelp.

        Cooking Directions:

        Microwave: Place 1 cup (235ml) of Southern Feast in a large microwaveable bowl. Add 1-1/2 cups (355ml) of water. Microwave on high for 2-3 minutes, just until water begins to boil. Attend microwave during cooking to prevent boiling over. Remove from microwave, cover tightly, and let cool before serving.

        Stovetop: Add 1 cup (235ml) Southern Feast to 1-1/2 cups (355ml) boiling water in a medium-sized pot. Stir just until the product is moistened. Remove from heat, cover tightly, and let cool before serving. Note: As altitude increases and atmospheric pressure decreases, the boiling point of water decreases. To compensate for the lower boiling point of water, the cooking time must be increased.

        12 oz Bag