Organic Sprout Mix - 250g

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Organic Sprout Mix 

Peas, Garbanzos, Fenugreek, Lentils, Kamut, Adzuki Beans, Red Clover, Daikon Radish, Quinoa, Mung Beans, Broccoli, Buckwheat, Sunflower

How to Sprout

Soaking:  Put desired amount of sprout mix in sprouting container, ¼ – ½ cup.  We recommend the EasySprout Sprouter.  Rinse with water and drain.  Cover with enough water to allow seeds to swell completely.  Soak mix for 8-12 hours then drain and rinse well. 

Sprouting: Place container away from direct sunlight.  Position container to allow excess water to drain out and air to circulate.  Rinse twice daily.  Sprout mix for 2 days. 

Harvesting: After sprouting mix for 2 days it is now ready to eat without a final rinse. 

Storing: Store leftovers in a glass container with a lid in the fridge.  Line the bottom of the glass container with paper towel, this removes excess moisture.   Discard after 3 days.

Include with your birds daily diet.

Store in original packaging, cool dry room temperature, sprout mix will stay fresh for at least a year.  If refrigerated, they should be good for several years, and if frozen they will last almost indefinitely.

250g Package

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